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We are aiming to create a stable and long-lasting Vanilla WoW PvP realm which focuses on building a community of people who value integrity, healthy competition, and fair play.

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Taz'dingo, friends! Experience Vanilla as it was meant to be played! ⚔️ Learn more about us:

Blizzlike x1. We believe maintaining the original rates is preferable in Vanilla in order to create a long lasting project. Character attachment is important and the journey matters.

Progression. Our timeline is based in the original Vanilla WoW progression — something that Blizzard didn’t implement in Classic. This timeline is an authentic and exciting way to experience the original game again.

To spice things up we’re also carefully planning to add a few more PvP features:

Low Level Battlegrounds. We are adding two new Warsong Gulch brackets, level 1 and levels 2-9.

City Ranks. Every Wednesday, after the Honor Update, 8 players, one of each race, will be granted their corresponding City Protector title. City Protectors are allowed to teleport to their homeland with a cooldown of 60 minutes. This is an original Vanilla feature Blizzard wanted to introduce but ultimately discarded.

Skirmish Arenas. We are working on the implementation of Skirmish Arenas. At this moment we are using Azshara Crater to create the arena map. You will only be able to earn honor doing these arenas, they will work just as a normal Battleground, but we don’t discard adding an online ladder you will be able to check in our website.

Taz’dingo Friends! Thanks everyone who participated today during the test. Hope you had fun, I enjoyed it a lot. See you again the 18th of July! Spread the word!


Taz’dingo Friends! We are happy to finally announce our Timeline!

After performing a poll, we decided that Warsong Gulch will be available on launch, but WITHOUT HONOR SYSTEM / PVP GEAR REWARDS in order to not disrupt the Molten Core and early Blackwing Lair progression. The corresponding battlemaster will be located in the main cities.

Additionally, we are going to enable two new Warsong Gulch brackets: the Level 1 and the Level 2-9 one. Happy level 1 twinking!

Players who manage to reach a high number of honorable kills before the launch of the honor system will be rewarded with [Contest Winner's Tabard]. At this point, multiple polls regarding additional PvP changes will be available to players. For example, arena skirmishes or the City Protector system.

We would like to remind everyone that we are going to perform a quality/stress test with extremely high rates during the 5th of July, players will be able to reserve character names during this day by just creating them.

Additionally, everyone who plays during the launch weekend (18th of July), will be rewarded with one of the Collector’s Edition Pets (you will be able to choose the one you want). These pets won’t be available anymore after that weekend.

Taz’dingo Friends! We would like to present our July 18th release trailer! Our trailer making Gnomes are really talented — we hope you enjoy it!

5th of July Stress / Quality test

During July 5th, we will run a quick stress test to ensure the server is completely ready for launch. On this test, EXP rates will be extremely high so you will be able to test as much content as possible. Having this test 2 weeks before launch, allows us to fix any issues that might appear.

You will also be able to reserve your character names! The names of the characters created during the test will belong to the corresponding accounts on launch day (18th of July).

Website update

We have updated our website! Below the landing page you will now be able to take a look at the latest news in addition to some community information such as the number of connected players, faction balance, players with the highest number of honorable kills! We intend to expand on this in the future with additional features.

P.S.: We are working in a full-fledged armory that we’ll announce along with the realm timeline soon.


Taz’dingo Friends! After listening closely to your feedback, we have decided to adjust our plans! We will launch a 100% Blizzlike server starting at Patch 1.2. All items will of course be properly itemized to the corresponding patch.

However, we will ask for your opinion regarding custom changes before we release the honor system patch. Potential optional features are twink mode (no XP gain), the level 1 Warsong Gulch bracket, the City Protector System and the ability to join level 1-59 battlegrounds anywhere in the world. We will only implement them if the vast majority of players agree.

Release Date

We will launch July 18th, 2020 at 18:00 CEST. Everyone who plays during that weekend will receive one of the collector's edition pets: Diablo, Panda or Zergling. After that weekend, they will no longer be available. We would also like to announce that we are going to perform a hardware test on July 5th, so stay tuned!

Why did we choose this particular date?

  • It gives us plenty of time to build a bigger community and spread the word over social media.
  • We can prepare our software and hardware to ensure a smooth launch.
  • Most European countries will be on holiday.
  • It doesn’t overlap our launch with other servers’.

We are eager to meet everyone, watch our new community develop and see guilds, alliances and new friendships formed!


Taz’dingo Friends! We have everything ready to launch, we just need to build a larger community around the project. When we accomplish that, we’ll release. Help us, spread the word!



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