Dear players!

It’s been 3 months since we launched our realm in hope to create a stable, long-lasting, competitive and fair adventure for our community.

However, the population is significantly dropping with each day, making the PvP aspect of the game non-existent, which was the point of this server from the very beginning.

Launching a Blizzlike server while Classic is out there did not create as much interest as expected. We never received enough funds to run proper advertisements, in fact, we never recovered what we invested into the launch in the first place.

We are very grateful for those people who supported us and helped to cover our costs with donations and used our cosmetic-shop. Thank you!

It was a hard decision, but we don’t want to watch the realm slowly die and players, who invested their time leveling characters, to lose their progress, so we decided to merge our playerbase with Turtle WoW’s one:

This is not a 100% Blizzlike realm, but there you will be surrounded with care and love. Turtle WoW has a wonderful and supporting community which we are sure will be happy to join the forces with you. We believe their PvP scene is presently more active than here on Gurubashi WoW :)

Here’s what we are going to do to preserve your time and progress:

Privacy Concerns

If you do not want your account transferred, visit this page and exclude your account from the transfer list:

We hope this decision will turn out for the best of everyone: your progress will be preserved and the journey will continue.

This realm will go down on October 18. The merge will be performed in the next few days after this event. Join their Discord to follow the progress:

We have been happy to meet you all and hope this is not the end.

Thank you for playing on Gurubashi WoW!