Server Rules & Terms of Use

Taz'dingo, friends! Below, we have outlined our expectations for appropriate behaviour on Gurubashi WoW. These rules flow from our forums, to our discord, to in game.

By joining this server you're joining a collective effort of players and staff to create a respectful and friendly community. Please read the rules we have set up to avoid any misunderstands during your gameplay. Remember, you have a responsibility not only for your own behavior here, but also representing the entire community and the server.

Cheating, Botting, Modifications & Third-Party Programs

Gurubashi WoW is committed to provide a cheat-free environment. Our anti-cheat is capable of detecting all cheats and modifications to client files to benefit your in game characters. Usage of any of those will lead to the account suspensions.

The use of third party programs to automate the control or actions on your character is considered botting, and it is prohibited. Macros are fine to use, as long as you are the one using them.


Multi-boxing is the act of controlling multiple WoW clients at the same time. Whether it be multiple clients open on one machine, or using multiple machines.

In general, multi-boxing is against the rules on Gurubashi WoW. However there are exceptions below. Multi-boxing encourages the use of botting and leads to our server being flooded with gold and account sellers, which ruins the gaming experience.

However, there is one exception to this rule: you can have two characters logged in at the same time, but they MUST be in the SAME MAJOR city (Orgrimmar, Stormwind, Thunder Bluff, Undercity, Ironforge and Darnassus) or NEUTRAL city (Gadgetzan and Booty Bay), AND be used for profession or trading related activities.

Loot Distribution Issues

— Ninja-looting

We will not be involved in most inter-player disputes on loot. However, there are rare occasions where we will investigate and assist:

Scenario: If you are in a group or raid, and the loot rules are CLEARLY defined IN GAME, prior to the raid beginning, and those rules are not followed when the time comes to receive loot. You may open a ticket for investigation.

— Loot Mis-distributed

Loot that is assigned to the wrong person by a Loot Master, can only be redistributed if the following is true:

Item Deletion Restoral

If you accidentally delete an item, we can restore it as long as the following is true:


Safespotting is the act of PvPing from an advantageous position that cannot be reached through regular jumping or walking. If you got to the position by using a spell, potion, wall climbing, or other additional means, it is likely safespotting.

Safespotting may lead to the temporal or permanent closure of your account. Play fair.

Chat Abuse

Here at Gurubashi WoW, we encourage players to come together, form communities, and openly chat with their fellow players. However, there are some chat rules that we must insist upon:

All public channels created and promoted by Gurubashi WoW are English speaking only (such as /world chat).

Any forms of the following chat will warrant suspension or closing of account:

Other types of chat violations that can lead to warnings, suspension, or termination are:

Trading of Virtual Items or Property

The sale of accounts, currency, items, or services in game for monetary gain is strictly prohibited and will result in the closure of involved accounts.

Interactions with Staff

Gurubashi WoW staff is expected to treat all players with respect, professionalism, and kindness. We expect the same from our players. If a player is found to be being disrespectful towards any Gurubashi Staff member, it could lead to account warnings, suspensions or closures.

This list may not address all types of behaviour. Gurubashi WoW has the right to amend, update, or alter this document at any time. If we change any piece of this document, we will notify all players.

The GM team may take alternative actions than stipulated in these terms of use, as they are entrusted with making decisions on unique situations.